Try Out the Exact Program That Increased the Size of My Arms by Over 2 Inches in Under 90 days!
You've been with me since the start. I owe this to you...
As a token of my appreciation to you for being an early supporter of #ARMageddon and sharing the program out with your friends, I wanted to make sure you were taken care of.

That's why I'm offering you two awesome benefits as my way of saying "thank you!" First, you are going to get access to #ARMageddon days before the general public can get their hands on it. Second, as you've already seen, I'd like to offer the program to you for just $37, nearly half off!

At a price of $37, that breaks down to about $3 per week, or just $0.62 per workout (including the feeder workouts). For the same price as an banana, you could be one workout closer to the greatest arms of your life. 

But if you want to take advantage of this crazy offer, you'll need to act quickly as I need to shut it down Sunday at 11:59PM and get ready to begin selling to the public.

The plan is place. Let's Get Started!

- Steve

Instantly Downloadable Files Mean You Can Get Started Right Away!
The Weatherford Guarantee
I am so confident that this program will work for you, just as it did for me. But if for some reason you don't think your $35 was well spent, I will gladly refund you the amount of your purchase. No questions asked! 
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